22 November 2012

Thanksgiving: What You Didn't Learn

I thought you might get a kick out of "5 Facts About Thanksgiving Your History Teacher Left Out."

Although it's almost flippantly humorous, it does remind me of just how inaccurately and incompletely history is taught.  I minored in history as an undergraduate, and there is so much I have had to learn on my own.  In some cases, I believe, my teachers and professors had no idea of just how whitewashed were the accounts of the past they were teaching us.  You'd think they'd never heard about victor imperatus, and what liberties the conquerors took in writing and re-writing history.

Anyway..I hope you have a joyful, fulfilling and meaningful Thanksgiving.  After going to the Rockaways with a group of people whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Sandy and the Nor'easter that folllowed, I realize that for all I've complained in this blog, I still have many reasons to be thankful.

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